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Lawyers & Notaries

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IURIO for Lawyers and Notaries

Your dedicated requirements. IURIO provides tailormade solutions.


Transactions, complex adversary proceedings, clients with many different stakeholders.


Real estate developers, transactions, complex legacies.


IURIO is fully integrated in jurXPERT.

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Main Features

Let's empower your workflow!

Exchange data securely

Send and receive documents via a high security data safe. This data safe follows intuitive design patterns which makes it easy to use for every client.


Let your client instantly know the current status of his legal mandate. Send encrypted messages instead of insecure and unnecessary emails.

IURIO as a transatory item

IURIO's pricing model allows a simple and  transparent way to pass on costs to your client.

Work together on a document

Stop wasting your time and finalize your documents faster. Simply upload documents via drag and drop and work together with others on the same document at the same time.

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Communicate safely and effectively

Meet all data protection and professional legal requirements. Spare yourself writing and archiving emails. Simply send encrypted messages and check whether they have been read.

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Project management

Let your client instantly know the current status of his legal mandate. Spare yourself writing updates via email. Manage your projects in an easy and effortless way.

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Mag. iur. Arnold Scherabon M.A.

“IURIO combines innovative technologies with law enabling a modern and agile workflow. Let's empower your workflow!”

// Executive Partner, Legal Tech services gmbh
Dipl. Ing. Patrick Hofmann

“Through the integration of cutting edge technologies and the employment of a very experienced team we are able to provide software and services that fulfill the highest standards of security, usability, and performance.”

// Executive Partner, Legal Tech services gmbh